A little bit about me.

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i'm inspired by differences.

I was born & bred in Upstate, NY - raised by a mix of American and Middle Eastern parents & grandparents.

Growing up with two very different and often conflicting mentalities is a big part of who I am.

today, my own viewpoints live in nuance beyond just one universal solution.

i had an early design education.

I spent my childhood and early adulthood working in the family business, a 4000 square foot women’s boutique.

While my peers were going to camp, I was attending trade shows with my mom in Manhattan, visual merchandising and personal clothes shopping for women many times my own age.

That is where I first learned, hands-on, to observe human behavior, and eventually, to predict it.

You can read more about some of my learnings during my time in retail.

i learned to spend lots of quality time with our customers, which helped me spot new market and product opportunities.

my journey to digital product design...

In 2014, I started a wholesale company called Silicandy™, with the mission of getting families back together in the kitchen.

This was the experience that bridged my career from designing tangible products and experiences to digital UX and Product Design.

i discovered ux through my own business neccesity.

i love life, liberty, and the pursuit of good design.

Solving complicated problems and helping people is what makes me feel alive.

To quote my favorite U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”.

i’ve found my purpose in practising user centered, ethical design as my way of helping to shape the future.

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